When You Need Us

Workplace challenges are often preceded by changing circumstances, an unexpected crisis or chronic issues.

  • Changing Circumstances
    Every workplace faces regularly changing circumstances that can create disturbances in the workplace. Addressing these changing circumstances when they happen helps to prevent disturbances from becoming a long-term chronic issue.
  • Crisis
    A crisis is a one-time event with significant impact on the workplace. How the crisis is addressed can positively or negatively impact the overall organizational culture.
  • Chronic Issues
    A chronic workplace issue manifests as a problem that, despite your best efforts, doesn’t seem to resolve. Typically this is because the problem that is being addressed may actually be a symptom of something more complex and multifaceted. The concern with chronic workplace issues is that they gradually erode morale, trust, and performance, until eventually they define the organizational culture.

Workplace Symptoms 

  • Struggle with past, present or future change.
  • Difficult conversations are not happening.
  • Strategy-making is reactive rather than proactive.
  • Organizational paralysis where decisions are not being made.
  • No matter how hard people are working, they can’t keep up.
  • People in your organization talk about ‘us and them’, and blame others.
  • Engagement scores or other performance metrics have declined, or you notice your employees have disengaged.
  • A major project is at risk.
  • Staff and supervisors are exhausted by people and their problems.
  • Your best employees are leaving or threatening to leave.
  • Inappropriate behaviour is not being addressed.
  • The same problems continue to resurface.